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Can you know when you ovulated based on implantation date? I had implantation bleeding May 13?

I am curious if you u can ovulation date based on when you had implantation bleeding? I was bleeding May 13 and I want to know my ovulation date

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In affiliate marketing, is conversion rate higher for email collection than for purchases?

I'm a beginner in affiliate marketing, and I'm curious as to how conversion rates compare between lead/email collection versus purchases. ...

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Why does I get my period on the same day every month?really curious?

Everyday month I come on my cycle I seems to get my period the same day of every month why is that

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just curious, if you could would you vote yes for equal marriage rights? (social experiment) p.s please no hate!

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If someone say love you without "I" in front of it, does it mean anything or am I nuts?

Certain people, who I care very much for, say it like that and I was curious if it ...

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I'm curious about the world.. I dont know were should I believe.. is there really a god? Cause i?

... really believe in science... i know its a stupid question.. but im ...

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Feeling confused.. Am I a lesbian or just bi curious?

I'm currently struggling with my sexuality. For the longest time I've only been interested in men. As I ...

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Please Help... There's a girl that is making me so curious... Please!!!!?

I'm In 7th Grade, and there's a girl that's basically my best friend. But at 6th ...

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