So I met this really sweet guy on Instagram and as it turned out we live so close to each other, have a lot in common, similar childhood growing up and we happen to have the same condition. We’re in our early 20’s but he’s 3 years younger than me. What got me was the fact that he told his mother about me already. We got along so well for the first couple of weeks, texting back and forth but then it got slightly less. Eventually he did call me one night at 4:30 am which lasted an hour to apologise about the less texting because he’s been feeling lost and not mentally well. He said I help him a lot, I understand and he feels I’m the only normal person he can talk to, his feelings for me and I can talk to him if I need to and hoping to be more in the future. He also said he’d call more which he hasn’t. We continued to casually text after that but I noticed that the texting got less and he hasn’t really been talking to me at all like he did before. I understand if it’s because of his mental health but he’s just silent and it worries me. I want to address it to him about how I feel with the whole thing but at the same time I don’t because it might change things. Also, might sound crazy but I noticed his snapchat score going up lately as we began talking less. Might just be my anxiety causing me to worry too much but I’m kind of afraid he’s losing interest... Like there might be someone else. Even though he’s told me a few times he’s not been mentally well.

I apologise for it being lengthy!!