Below are questions I have for others so they can give there perspective on the events below. I have been engaged to a female physician and am wondering if this behavior is normal or if it is crazy with red flags.

1. First time she came over she went through all of my dresser drawers and cabinets.
2. After 4 months she asked for 5 years of tax returns.
3. When we were looking for an engagement ring she wanted one that was way out of my budget and cried and shut down on me in the relationship until she got it.
4. If a subject comes up she is uncomfortable with, she will shut down and not speak to you for a day or two.
5. Early in the relationship she asked me if I would clean her carpets and I said I would, It was very hot and humid in Florida so I asked her to turn the air on: Her response was that she would not turn the air on and if I didn't like it the way it was, I could leave.
6. Hit her neighbors car backing out of her parking spot and refused to tell him or pay for it. She wouldn't even let me pay for it when I offered .
7. For 4 1/2 years she has constantly been on her cell phone when we are together in the evenings.
8.One day she was coming over to my condo to pick me up and they had yellow caution tape across the walkway. I lifted it up and went to her car and opened the door and told her she looked beautiful. She said I owed her an apology and said to promise I would never do it again. It ruined the whole night and next day.
9. There are many more examples I could give but will stop for now,

What do you think????