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How to emotionally detach myself from my husband?

I am 35 Female married for 13 years, we had a love marriage, after a lot of struggles with our families now his family is accepting us. They are ...

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How much water should I drink per day?

I'm a female and I swim 7 a week, how much water intake should I get approximately get per day?

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Stylish female name?

I'm writing a story for school, but I really need a cool name for a girl. Like, really out of the ordinary, but still pretty, you know? I need a ...

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Sex - How to stop being a virgin?

I am 19, female, at college and still a virgin. I dance with guys at parties and such but I always break off. Should I simply be like ...

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Anyone know a song with part lyrics "why oh why ooh whyyy oh why do-do-do-do-do" by a female singer?

... its a old song, and why oh why may not be completely correct but ...

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What is a female japanese name that means fire, shadow, or shadow phoenix?

I need a female Japanese name that means fire, shadow, shadow phoenix, or anything close to any ...

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What would be the female version of the word 'hunk'? Please hurry!!?

My girlfriend calls me her awesome hunk what could I call her that would be similar but fits for a ...

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