Hi, I bought a Digital Audio Player called Astell and Kern AK70. I used it for about three days and put all my music on there, and used my decent headphones. I started playing it again and put the player in my pocket. Soon after I heard a crackle sound and then the sound cut out. I have tried using different headphones and tried them on my phone too, and they work fine. I did a factory reset and messed about with all the software settings, replaced the music and still no sound even though the tracks play and the UI and the screen works perfectly. I am worried that when I take it into the shop, they will try and pull something to stop me getting a replacement. I have the receipt, and I am not aware of me doing anything that caused the player to mess up. There wasn't a fault when I bought it, but it developed one a few days later. If they don't accept a replacement, then have I got grounds to appeal? I care because the player cost me a fair amount of money, and I am aware what some companies are like. Thanks