I recently got a beautiful mail veil tail betta fish from a pet shop and chose him because he was the most active. He is mostly blue woth some red and little bit of green, his colours on his body are vibrant. When you look into his eyes he has clear black pupils and gold peeking behind it. From the tip of his nose to the start of his long tail it is 1.5 inches. He responds to any movement and is very bright. His tail is very long and swift no tears. I feed him 3 times daiky eith 3 small pellets. So i hope ive given you enought information! Can you tell how old he is?
I also have another question
He lives in a un filterized and un heated 17 cm bowl. But the water is conditioned
Ive had betta fish before and apparentky they can jump out? Do i have to put something over the top of the bowl. Ive made sure that the water is not filled to the to and has a gap space of 4cm.so do i have to use a lid?
Sorry for the long messge lol it said as much detail as possible!