I am a disabled person and I've been living with my relative for 9+ years rent-free.

Hypothetically, if she passes away and I am still living here, can the relative who inherits the home evict me because they want to sell the house? I don't think they can because I am a disabled person and therefore a "protected class" and I know there are some ways to evict me, but there is a lot of ways they cannot.

I read somewhere that if you are disabled and been living within a home for an X-amount of years, legally the new owner has to give you reasonable accommodation (I think time) to find another place to go.

However, I do not have another place to go, my tiny SSDI checks are well below the living median in my area and there is "no room" in Section 8 due to the over-populated area I live in and 7+ years waiting list. And everywhere else around here has the same problem.
So my question is, would I be able to stay here for a while before I absolutely need to leave? Or are there legal rights I could exercise so I can try to stay here for as long as possible?