Since I was a child iv'e had sudden rushes of energy which feels mostly like excitement (Maybe even anxiety). When I get it I clap my hands really fast to release the feeling quicker because it feels quite painful if I don't. If I don't clap my hands I end up twitching. Usually my body tenses up and shudders if I leave it because it happens so suddenly. The best way of describing it is like a sneeze. You can feel it building up and you have to let it out or else it feels painful and your body will automatically let it out. I don't know what it is and honestly I didn't think it was that odd because iv'e been getting it for so long but my friends think it is and don't relate to the feeling. I get it at random times but its more frequent when I'm having fun and it ends up becoming a little overwhelming and builds up till I get this extreme rush of energy and have to twitch to release it. I'm not the best at explaining and Its not an easy feeling to explain. Its not something I'm worried about but it would be nice to know if there was an explanation for it or if its common with other people.