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Has anyone experienced anxiety and having to keep moving? Be it run in, walking or crawling?

My adult child is having anxiety attacks and feelings of heart “flutters” when they try to be still. So in turn they do anything physical ...

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How do I take care of a woman after her abortion?

Abortion is very sensitive which affects woman mentally and emotionally, Patients may experience a wide range of emotions (anxiety, depression, ...

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Am I insane?

I'm a teen girl, I think I have depression and I know I have anxiety. I feel numb and sad for no reason all the time. sometimes I'm thenhappiest ...

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I can't make myself go to school?

I'm finding school really tough. I haven't got any friends in school, and I'm too shy to attempt to talk to others. I ...

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How to help manage or cure anxiety and depression?

So for a while now, I have had a lot of problems, and after googling my symptoms I am 99% I have depression and ...

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Am I depressed?

You see I have anxiety and major depression is my biggest fear. I'm afraid that I might become depressed to the point that I would commit suicide. I ...

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I accidently took 2 of my 36 mg concerta just a couple minutes a part. Will I b ok?

Well Ithink I took it twice because I was in a hurry running late and tired. It ...

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