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What should I do about the whole situtaion?

Posted 3+ months ago | 3 answers | | Open

Related topics: woman, race, heart, eyes, lgbt, lesbian, bisexual, teen

Response posted by Bdoz 3+ months ago: Wow just wow! I don’t know if your still going through this and I didn’t even notice how old this question is but I read it and I have to respond because your situation is exactly like mine. I have been going through this for 3 years almost. The only exception is that I also am married ...

Isn't it selfish in it's self for God to create the human race for the glorification of him?

Posted 3+ months ago | 3 answers | 1 star | Open

Related topics: human, race, god, self, humans

Response posted by atmaninravi 3+ months ago: It is ignorance for us to believe that God made the human race to glorify Him. God needs no glorification, God is the supreme power, God is everywhere, in everything. We are the foolish ones, we don't know who is God, where is God, what is God. We know nothing and we want to pass judgements on ...

What is the favorite color?

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: color, human, race, favorite, humans

Answer posted by Atlas_ 3+ months ago: unfortunately there is no valid answer to this question. People can suggest their favorite color but you're asking a collective group a favorite thing. Favorite being subjective to the individual. So such a task of asking an entire population their "favorite" color is not a question ...

I know a tribrid is somebody born of three different supernatural races, but what's a person...

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: book, person, race, different, witch, born, vampire, supernatural, vampires

Answer posted by FauxPas 3+ months ago: That seems to be a made up word, a mix of "hybrid" and numeral prefix. You should have a look at the wiki table on the subject, but the options are likely sexa- or hexa-. As for specific castes, beats me. You're not really obliged to adhere to any etymological processes anyway, ...

Which topic is more interesting to teach about: Race, Crime or Gender?

Posted 3+ months ago | 2 answers | | Open

Related topics: race, interesting, crime, teach, gender

Response posted by elj2016B 3+ months ago: I'm sure all three would generate debates, however the focus these days seems to be on gender.

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