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Movies - what is the name of that movie?

A woman catches her husband cheating with another woman and calls the other womans husband and he comes and f**ks her in front of the cheaters?

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Sandra Bullock was married to Jesse James until he was cought cheating on her, but with who?

Who ever she was the woman had tattoos all over her body?

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Should I tell my gf I cheated on her?

i have been with my girlfriend for a little over two years now. i gave her a promise ring, and i gave her my word to one day marry ...

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I had phone sex with a guy thats not my boyfriend and I feel horrible what should I do??

I met my boyfriend in DEC 2010 I have known him for almost 2yrs been together for ...

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Is my wife cheating on me?

I have suspicions of my wife cheating, and I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or right, so I hope this helps you see my dilemma. A ...

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Is she cheating or am I paranoid? I am married to an ex-stripper. She was still stripping when we?

... met but has returned to a respectable career. When we were dating ...

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Is cuddling cheating?

I have a good friend with whom I am very close, he has a girlfriend who is one of my best friends an I also have a boyfriend, but when we`re alone ...

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