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What is AR marketing and how to use it correctly?

Augmented reality is getting closer and closer to us, penetrating into many areas of our life. But I am interested in the field of marketing. On the ...

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Why are tank road wheels staggered?

ie, on one side of the tank (like the m1A2) the road wheels (ones that are closest to the contact surface) are closer to the tank's drive ...

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Do girls like chubby guys at all or are they really just settling because they cant have the hunk ?

Im talking about not obese men, but guys that are just... average ...

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Is this rape?

Well last summer I had some issues with my best friend the next day he started to touch me and pull me closer to him when we where walking down the alley ...

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Please Help... There's a girl that is making me so curious... Please!!!!?

I'm In 7th Grade, and there's a girl that's basically my best friend. But at 6th ...

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How can I get closer to God?

I want to find a connection with God. I pray to Him every night saying that when I die, I want to go to Heaven. He doesn't answer, and ...

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