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Is it possible my crush saw me when I sat in the bus and I was on widow seat too, I remembered him?

... turning his head towards me while I looked at him, but I’m not sure if he saw me or not?

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What are the methods of crushing rock?

How to crush big rocks into small ones is a simple yet complex problem. Here, we introduce several methods of breaking rocks. Of course, which method ...

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My crush found out I like him and he reacted like this- please tell me what you think this means!?

i have a crush on someone and i told my friend and i think he kinda knew i liked him but didn't show it and my friend went up to him and said ...

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I have a crush but I'm shy. I wanna talk to him alone, how could I get him alone?

I have a serious crush right now. I've never felt this nervous or shy around any ...

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Should I tell my crush How I feel before I move?

I'm moving thousands of miles away from my crush. I have liked him for 5 years now and he knew I liked him a long ...

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Can anyone help me with my crush?

Okay so I've liked this guy for over a year now. I have barely said a word to him before. Yet i don't know I think I just feel ...

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What to do when your best friend has a crush on your boyfriend?????

she has feeling for my boyfriend!! HELP

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