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Anyone that has Counterattack the novel?

So I recently watched Counterattack (Falling in Love With the Enemy) BL drama and I really liked the Doctor and Gu pairing. I was wondering if there ...

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Anyone know some great TV dramas? I need something with LOADS of salt. Nothing amateur please?

Nothing like Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl. (Which I love don't get me wrong.) But I need something much more. Help a girl out

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im 13 year old girl and i have no idea what to do. first off, my "best friend" has started verbally abusing me. she called me a ...

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What is your favorite movie genre? 1) Horror 2) Action 3) Comedy 4) Drama?

This is for a school project so if y'all could please help.

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today during science, this boy passed me a note asking me to go out with him. i never really thought about if i liked him or not until then. the note also ...

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Theme of drama tara?

mahesh dattani's drama Tara

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I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. how do I find out the truth?

well, i got a call from one of my old old friends and she said thast she wasnt trying to start any ...

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