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Does he see us as going long term in our relationship?

I've been dating this guy (long distance....well we live 5 hours away from each other) and he talks a lot about me moving in with him and how ...

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How to tell your girlfriend to stop being too clingy?

My girlfriend is too clingy and wants to talk with me all the time. We are now in a long distance relationship but I have also things that I need to ...

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Should I break up with my long distance girlfriend?

Its a long distance thing. We dated in college, but she dropped out and went back to Ohio. I'm stuck in Virginia, still in college,trying to do ...

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My boyfriend stopped talking to me? What should I do?

I have a boyfriend of one year and five months and we are engaged nine months ago. Now we are in a long distance ...

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Would you be with someone in a long distance relationship?

I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend ... I live in the U.S. (Portland) and my boyfriend ...

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Gift idea for my long distance girlfriend to think of me with?

She hand-made me a bracelet, and I really like it, and I want to either make or buy something for her that ...

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Ok well I love my bf, and I texted him 4 times, and I got no answer back, Is he ignoring me?

He loves me and I love him too. We haven't seen eachother like for 4 ...

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