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Question about car accident and calling police in California! URGENT!! PLEASE HELP FAST!?

Yesterday evening, when leaving the parking garage at work, I took a corner too tightly and sideswiped my car against a cement support pillar. I ...

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Why are handicapped.parking spots not always closest to the entrance?

Curb cuts and or ramps can be placed just as easily near the entrance. I have seen many instances where the handicap spaces is several spaces away ...

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I was reversing out of a car park and I thought my parking sensor was on (it wasn't) and....

...the next thing I know I bump the parked car at the side of the road. I got out and saw minor scratches on both my car and the parked car. I ...

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I don't know?

My girlfriend and I got into and argument over some social media the day before Valentines day in a parking lot with some viewers. She got really upset and ...

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I am going to fly to Long Beach from Seattle?

My question What would you do? Should I drive that day to the airport and pay for parking or should I drive the day before ...

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I got a reserved parking space in my apt. on 11/25. Was I overcharged for those six days in Nov.?

Until Nov. 25th, my rent was $849.91 a month ($777.05 for apartment and ...

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