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How can a sibling change a legal living will to benefit themselves?

after my mom died leaving a legal living will that gives all sibling equal share but one sibling gets more than there share of money how can she ...

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Can my sibling be my bridesmaid?

I have a nonbinary (born female) sibling. When I get married is it okay for me to ask them to be my maid of honor? Or is that insensitive to their ...

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Who were Jack Lousma siblings?

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Why do my parents favor my younger sister, what did I do?

I'm a 14 year old boy i have two younger sisters 1 is 11 and the other is 9 it seems like most of my life ...

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What to do if you feel that you're parents, prefer you siblings more than you?

My parents are trating my siblings over me and every time I talk to them about it they say ...

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How to stop my cats spraying?

I am 18, live with my mum and have 2 siblings that live with me and 1 that lives with my dad. I have had my cats for over 7 years, they have ...

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Effects of siblings incest between an 18yrs old sister and an 8yrs old brother?

When I was 8 yrs old (boy), a female cousin of age 16 used me to please herself sexually a ...

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Hi, my friend is 14 she just realized she is pregnant. She is going to get an abortion.

She told me that her parents abused her (her foster parents) her real mom died and ...

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