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My knee dislocates all the time what do I do? it hurts all the time?

My knee dislocates when i try to do physical activity or simply something as simple as sitting down, it always goes back into place but it hurts ...

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Am I hallucinating or simply being paranoid?

It has come to my attention recently that I keep frequently hearing things that others don’t - although, this does tend to happen more when I ...

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Simply. I want to help. What can I do to support mental illness?

Hi guys my name is Lauren, and simply I want to help. I have people close to me who suffer with mental illness and I believe that the organisation of ...

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Sex - How to stop being a virgin?

I am 19, female, at college and still a virgin. I dance with guys at parties and such but I always break off. Should I simply be like ...

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Can we live forever?

I say we can because the Bible says we can. Read it at, Psalm 37:29 It says simply; "The righteous themselves will possess the earth and they ...

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Why do people hate me because I am pretty? What do I do to earn people's respect?

Being pretty is not all it's cut out to be. I'm not popular, and I don't ...

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Know what the non-corkscrew wine opener is called?

It has 2 metal bars which you slide down the side of the cork to essentially break the seal. You then simply pull the ...

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