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Where was the coconut grown that's inside my (GNC) Superfoods extra virgin organic coconut oil?

was the coconut grown in the Phillippines. Was it fresh, raw coconut?

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I need a v-key to transfer a virgin mobile number to a new virgin phone. I've had the phone for?

... sometime so I can't remember the v-key. Any comments ?

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Brown vaginal discharge between period?

I have had brown vaginal discharge for 2 days now and my last period was on 10/5. I'm 17 and a virgin and i'm really worried because when I ...

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My girl friend is 22yrs ... she is still a virgin but I am not?

We have been into distance relationship for two years now I never make love to her, but I never ask for ...

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Sex - How to stop being a virgin?

I am 19, female, at college and still a virgin. I dance with guys at parties and such but I always break off. Should I simply be like ...

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I said my boyfriend that I m not a virgin, my earlier boyfriend forced me to have sex?

and thats why i break up with my ex.... my recent accepted me and now he too wants ...

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I'm 13 and my girlfriend is 15 and we're both virgins and she wants to have sex what do I do?

Neither of us have had sex and she wants to have sex and I had my wet dream ...

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Is it possible a 13 year old virgin to get pregnant without any sexual act or contact of semen?

I was at my friends 2 to 3 months ago and her mother asked if I was ...

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