What butt size do guys like?i feel heavy for my boyfriend..holla?

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The bigger the better!

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haha thanks, but sometimes i feel like it can be too big for comfort... i dont know if yo african but ya we have those huge ones.mind if i ask y?and how about thighs?

Sweet heart there is nothing better on this side of heaven than a woman with a big butt and big thights, so if you are blessed with this feel proud, because there men who adore women like this.

thanks... you must be a great guy.... so dont u ever have questions of your own... i can answer some

My only question to you is why worry about the size of your rear, I,m sure it is wonderful, I would like to tell you that i am one of the many men that adore women with larger butts. That being said i am sure your boy friend feels the same other wise you two would not be together. How long have you guys been together ?

we have been together for like half a year now... you know he now says he gets really tempted to have sex with me but am not for it.we make out and all but am not even supposed to coz am from this really strong christian background that i love but am also tempted too bad am wondering how to keep telling him that i cant coz he says that my explanation is so ATS(African Traditional Society) and that here is really a diss. what do u think?

Well sweet heart, we are all human and have needs and wants, but if it's not right for you at this time he will just have to respect your wishes. Now the fact that you do make out from time to time tells me that you enjoy the feeling you get from it. If he can't wait on you to have sex with him, don't lower your standards, chances are after he has had you he may move on to another. If the feeling gets out of hand, I suggest that you ease the feeling your self, after all no one knows how to make her feel good better than you. That way you can avoid a lot of problems later on. I really hope this helps.