I'm so sad when she ignores me for no reason. I told her that I miss her, that I'm very sad and lonely because of ignore, but she doesn't care about me anymore. She told me that I'm her best friend and we used to talk everyday for hours, in the past 2,5 years. She told me that I'm the only one who understands her, and she thanked me for been her friend. She was really nice, fer, good person, good friend, she was there always for me. But now she have some private problems and ignoring me. I'm so sad and depressed. Yesterday i texted her, that I'm very disappointed of her and she makes me the saddest man in the world. And again nothing, but ignore. We live in different cities and we can't hang out in real live...What do you think guys? I'm in love or just obsessed with this girl? I think I can't be in love because I don't know her well in real. I can't touch her, I can't feel her...How the hell I can be this much obsessed with her? I'm so sad...Sorry for my English, I hope you understand me. Please help me.