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Hey, I have another question. My gecko has been trying to climb the side of his tank, but there?

... seems to be nothing wrong with him. When I first bought him he had a cage partner and now he doesn't. Could he be lonely, or is he just ...

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Is it possible to feel lonely even though you’re surrounded by friends?

I really wanted to ask this question because I feel selfish and annoying for thinking like this. I have many best friends who I know are very ...

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Lonely, with no direction?

After being friends with the same person for over 20 years, she is going in a different direction than I am and we don't hang out anymore. Being ...

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Worst week ever! :'( ?

So last night I found out my Grandpa was just rushed to the hospital for a heart attack and they say it doesn't look good, but an hour before ...

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I am 14. My friends dont care about me. I am too quiet. Id like to find new friends. Help?

So i am lonely. I have nobody to talk to. And sadly i dont know what to do ...

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I'm missing my crush and don't know what to do. Please help!?

My crush moved back to Australia. I'm still missing him, but haven't seen him in months. I get ...

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I feel lonely?

I'm only 15. I'm a guy. I really want you guys to understand how I'm feeling and tell me how I can change. The last few years, I've ...

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Sometimes I get board when my gf is not around so I masterbate is that a good thing? Sometimes I jerk off when I feel lonely but I'm very curious about ...

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