I am 18, live with my mum and have 2 siblings that live with me and 1 that lives with my dad.
I have had my cats for over 7 years, they have been neutered for many years now and they always spray. I have 3 male cats, a fussful one, an attention, mischievous one, and the silent one that keeps to himself.
We did have a female cat but she moved with my sister to my dads 3/4 years ago.
Me and my family have to close off all our rooms because if them spraying so much, but as soon as one room is open, they're in there spraying. I've gone 2am I am sorting my clean betting and somewhere on my mattress, bed frame or the inner bedding without the covers smells of cat spray. I now have to put up with this because I can't find the damn spray location.

We look after our cats well, our cats rarely have any issues with other cats and there are no new changes going on, so I don't want to hear any of that "your cat may be stressed" or "maybe changes going on" bullcrap because this is always happening. I've really had enough of this, you can't even say "punishing your cat makes it worse" because we don't know which of the 3 do this nor catch them in the act, so we can't punish them.

I can't even have a tent up in my garden without waking up to the sound of liquid doing sprayed on the side of it.

And last year, my mischievous cat came up to me, meowed then sprayed on my leg, he was thrown out for a few days.

I don't care for the 'why' facts, I've seen it all on the internet and it's not helpful.
I just want to know what can be done to stop this, anything I can spray in the house or something to put them off spraying indoors.
I just want it to stop.