The 365th day could be after December 28th, but it would not be part of a week; every month and year would start on a Monday, and the Year Day would not be part of a week, being an extra day; not part of a work week, it could be a universal holiday, and no one would be required to work, except for those functions really needed every day, maybe entertainment, TV, radio, grocery stores, but work would be voluntary, and be paid double. Every four years would have another extra day, between June and July, which would work the same as the Year Day. Every century would also have an additional extra day, and it could be either after Year Day, or maybe between March and April, or whenever it might be decided is best. The main concept would be that every month would start on a Monday, and the extra days would not be part of a week. This might be hard to put to work, to replace our current system, but I think it's worh considering, or at least discussing.