... We haven't seen each other since then. Its been about 3 months. She's only about and hour and a half away. She's a really busy women, with the kids, work etc, but since Christmas, there's been excuses why she can't come or I can't come to see her...while they may be legit, I've tried ever possible way to make it happen, and still we haven't seen each other since Christmas. We talk on the phone everyday, she tells me she loves me. So last week I decided to tell her that I needed to step away, bc why be in a relationship If we can't see each other. She basically said that she understood. Well it's been a week and she hasn't reach out...you would think if she still cares she would reach out to check up, since we talk everyday for over a year. People close to me tell me to wait till she responds if she does, bc the ball is in her court. Should I or should I reach back out. I do miss her and do love her