I used to get bit at my boyfriend's sleeping in his bed. I would get bit almost every time I slept there and he never got bit once. I have googled and googled and to me it's either bed bugs or now I'm thinking fleas. His dog itches all the time but he also has very visable dandruff. His dog will also bite at his skin like he is really itching something not just the dandruff. We recently moved into our own home and using all MY furniture ( I never got bit at home) and we took about 3 of his pillows and that is the only thing we took from his house. I have been getting bites again. They are random spots bit usually around where my clothes line are. Or on my back. I threw away his pillows the first time I got bit in our new house bit I'm afraid they're in my bed now since I'm still getting bit. They range anywhere from one bite to a cluster of bites and itch very bad all day and don't go away for about a week. He doesn't think they are bed bugs because I'm the only one getting bit and says I would have brought them home and his roommate would have them as well... What do I do?