I am a gym teacher, and I've recently had a problem. Students' gym uniforms have been found in the locker room toilets.I have had complaints about it from students, and I'm sick of it. However, there is 1 student, let's call her Student X, who has a 504 plan, and one accommodation is leaving early from one class to get to another while avoiding crowds. She arrives at the locker room about 5 minutes before class starts and has the locker room to herself. Student X obviously is the culprit, as I check the toilets before and after every class. Before she came in, the toilets were empty, but BAM! Six minutes later, another girl comes out of the locker room, complaining about clothes flushed down the toilet. Coincidence? I think not. During class, I ask student X some questions, and I catch her lying. She confesses, but now what? Do I suspend her for something? What for?