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I'm 38 and my girlfriend is 18. She looks much younger. What do we do when people look at us funny?

I am 38 and my girlfriend is 18. Because she's smallish and likes to wear her hair in braids or pigtails sometimes, she could easily pass for 14 ...

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Ex Girlfriend - Not sure what to do?

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up at the end of May. She found a new guy within a week. They are still together and seem to be doing well. She will ...

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Why would a guy tell everyone on his Snapchat about him going out/dating a new girl?

My friend just broke up with his ex-girlfriend and next thing I know he already told everyone on his Snapchat that he's going out/dating someone ...

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Me and my girl friend run out of things to say when texting...?

me and my girlfriend text A LOT and we both want to keep talking but we don't have any thing to say ...

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My girlfriend either has no hobbies or friends; all she has is me. How can I help her find stuff?

It is, I suppose, possible that she has both and just doesn't want ...

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What do I do when my relationship is going to shit, but deeply love the girl?

I've been dating the girl for 2 years. (Senior year of high school and just finished ...

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Should I tell my gf I cheated on her?

i have been with my girlfriend for a little over two years now. i gave her a promise ring, and i gave her my word to one day marry ...

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Girlfriends 18th birthday present, what gift for this?

My girlfriend is turning 18 soon and i know it means a lot to her. She tells me not to buy her anything but im ...

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