BTW sorry if this is long. So here's the story of my friend Ashlyn, i invited her to our friend group barely knowing her. i thought she was nice but hell nah. she was so rude behind my other friends backs and my other friend noticed it too. we have talked to so many people who have the same experience with her she joins random friend groups and then tries to kick people out. She has been playing victim this whole time. (this means she acts and treats us all in a different way and stuff like that) she treats us all different she treats me and my other friend like trash and my friends libby and scarlett like their her only friends. she acts nice, sweet, and innocent around them but when she's around me and my other friend she tells everyone everything. she makes my friend libby believe her and so she sticks up and makes everyone believe her. she is a great friend but ashlyn isn't so ashlyn she told everyone in my grade my crush and u know how that went. She acts like she doesn't know what I'm talking about but me and my friend and my friend scarlett have noticed she has been over dramatic to get my friend libby to believe her. She hurts me and says my crush likes someone else and he has a girlfriend when she barely knows him. She told everyone my crush so now I'm getting back at her. she has treated everyone awfully and I'm tired of our friendship. and my friend libby will say don't tell everyone her crush when she did nothing to u but i've told the truth and she has done everything she isn't good for our health positively. and we need to get rid of her before it's too late. WHAT CAN I DO TO GET HER BACK?????