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How to emotionally detach myself from my husband?

I am 35 Female married for 13 years, we had a love marriage, after a lot of struggles with our families now his family is accepting us. They are ...

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Is it gaslighting when your SO tells you they are going to leave because of something you said?

My husband has been juggling mental health issues for three years. In that time, he's refused any help or tried to improve the situation. It ...

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Husband's PayPal transfer has different name then what is on the account?

So my husbands Paypal when we transfer money from it to our bank for some reason the transfer say it is from Watts Cortez, (husband's name is ...

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My husband hit me for the first time in an 19 year marriage. I don't know what to do?

How do I forgive my husband for hitting me after 19 years of a loving and passionate ...

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Does HE REALLY want a DIVORCE????

Hi, My husband has been gone 5 weeks now, living with his dad. Here's my story....... Firstly me and my husband have been ...

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Shall I make my wifes elder sister pregnant ?

My sister in Law (my wifes elder sister), lost her husband earlier by an accident, after few months her 3 year kid very ...

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I am a married woman. My husband and I don't have sex. Over the year we may have sex 6-12 times

What is the problem? No foreplay and he always has excuses.

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My husband doesn't like sex with me! Please help...?

My husband is 27 and I am 24. He was very sex active previously before 2 year when we married. He will make love to ...

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