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What to do when you THINK you found your father?

My mom was married when I was born. I got her husband's last name and he is on my birth certificate. They divorced shortly after. I never knew ...

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Why won't my moms ex husband call or text me?

The were married for 8 years (So practically my dad for 8 years). He has been talking to my brother a little, but not one call or text to me. ...

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We want to get married in a church. My fiancé’s family won’t let us?

Me and my fiancé we want to get married in a church that my Parents and my grandparents got married in but my fiancé family said that ...

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Is my wife cheating on me?

I have suspicions of my wife cheating, and I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or right, so I hope this helps you see my dilemma. A ...

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My husband doesn't like sex with me! Please help...?

My husband is 27 and I am 24. He was very sex active previously before 2 year when we married. He will make love to ...

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I am a married woman my husband and I dont have sex ?out the year we may have se 6/12 tims a year w?

what is the problem we dont have sex?no forplay he have exscues

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Is a no strings attached affair worth it?

I'm married but cannot seem to get this other man out of my head. We met causually a year ago but I have not done anything ...

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Am I a lesbian?

I am lost. I have been married for over a decade and we have children. I am not into him though. I think about women to get off and I constantly catch ...

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