I went to the Harry Potter Studios yesterday and I bought a couple of things including a Gryffindor Diary, I love it! But I don't know what to write in it/use it for. I want to use it the best way I can. I had the idea of writing diary entries of myself being a student at Hogwarts, and someone else suggested using it as a scrap book for all my visits to the studios but yesterday was my first ever time and I will be going back next year so I have nothing else to put in it until next year when I go back, another suggested someithing about creating an unbreakable code for the alphabet and writing in that. These ideas are good and I do consider them but I just want to know what everyone else thinks and if anyone has an idea of their own on how I could use it. Its such a lovely book, and I want to use it in the best possible way I can. I also had an idea myself of writing spells in it but I want tobuy a book of spells next time I go there so I dont want to copy them all out and then buy a book on them all. Any ideas anyone? Thank you!!