So I have a girlfriend and we both love each other very much, who we've been "dating" for about a year and I say it like that because her parents don't know about us but about a few months ago, her family converted into a different religion which has the strictest rules, even she at first didn't like it. But anyways, ive been trying to get her to tell her parents so we can finally be official in that way but she believes there's no hope because her church establishes rules like I have to be part of them and go through all their stuff in order to date her. And I keep telling her it's her life she can choose what she wants since she's almost 18 but I think she's just afraid of her parents might do or say if she speaks up. I really want to be with her but she just won't listen to me and thinks there's no other choice even after I offered to give converting a shot, so I'm not sure what to do or say to make her realize she has a choice.