I’ve been dating a woman who is separated and awaiting divorce. My question is, should I have an opinion about her ‘ex’ that feels the need to call or text her every time he has a bowl movement (being facetious).

To call in regards to their children, totally acceptable. But to constantly feel the need to contact her for asinine reasons just because makes me uncomfortable.

She doesn’t answer all the time and most times she doesn’t even respond unless it’s child related. However I was wondering if I should talk to her about it or just let it go? I know 100% she can’t control what he does - to an extent - she can only control how she reacts to it.

But should she somehow ask him to kindly stop contacting her outside the realm of their children as far as reasons are concerned? He’s like clockwork - he’ll text if he’s bored, call five times in a row if she doesn’t answer.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced this? I just don’t want to open some can of worms. Or should I just ignore it.