I want to know if a cat can carry kittens for another cat. For Example : me and my friend we both have cats , i have a 6 month old and my friend has a 1 year old and my friends cat just had her own kitten 8 weeks ago . And she didn't got spayed , and i want my young 6 month old to also have kittens but she can't carry kittens because if she carries kittens she needs to get spayed and i don't want that , so i was thinking why not using a surrogate to carry the babies for her , cause she can't carry the kittens by herself , or else she needs to get spayed and i don't her to get spayed , then i was thinking that i can use/burrow my friends cat to carry my cats babies for her , cause my friend cat is older ,her thing is large enough and she can still carry . I talked to my friend about it at school and he/she says : sure, why not .2 days later i went to the cat sperm bank to get sperm for my cat . Then 1 day later me with my cat with the cat semen/sperm and my friend with his/her cat went to the vet .then we told the vet if.she can put my cats egg and the cat semen/sperm into my friends cats body so my friends cat can carry the babies/kittens for my cat and the dockter says : no problem , will do are best . Few minutes later thet took the egg from my cat with the cat semen/sperm in my friends cats body via vagina , 65 days(2 Months) later my friends cat gaved birth to 6 beautiful kittens , but does my friends cat thinks that the kittens are her or does she know that the kittens she gave birth to are not hers , i brought a shoe box covered in holes with a bath towel in it to put the kittens in , my friend helps me cut all the umbilical cords from all 6 of them , when we cut the kittens umbilical cord , we put them in the shoe box , then i leave my friends house with the shoe box with the 6 newborns inside the shoe box ,but would my friends cat let me take the babies/kittens or not ? , then i came home with the kittens in the shoe box , i put the shoe box down for a minuteand put my cat who is 8 months old now in the big box and then i put all the kittens in tge big box with her , but does she know that the kittens are hers or not, and my young 8 months old cat had babies/without carrying them , but do i needed to feed my cat alot even know shes not pregnant by herself you she can breast feed her babies or not , 2 days later i thanked my friend for letting me use/burrow her cat to carry the babies/kittens for my cat.