My grandmother has been out on medical leave for an inflamed or enlarged disk in her spine, barely able to move the past 3 months. Of course her workplace requires doctors notes and such to show progression or whatever. but most recently, she received a letter from her job stating that she is now fired or terminated because they did not receive whatever type of letter they needed before the deadline, keep in mind they send these things out a day before the deadline anyways.. she has worked there for 36 or so years and is about a year and a half away from retirement. i dont see how any of this is correct. she had nothing to do with mailing the doctors notes, she is laying in bed recuperating, even though she called the doctor office 3 times a day to try and figure it all out. there's a lot more behind this but dont want to write a story. my questions is, because i know it has happened to other people before. what can you do in a circumstance like this? is it worth fighting them in court? i demand justice because this company has never good any good for my grandmother even with all of her hard work