A 16-pack doesn't even get him wasted anymore. He buys two 16-packs everyday and smokes daily also. Today (along with a couple of times) he came back home w my mum at 1:30am from the neighbours house drunk. My mum hates it when he gets drunk. He does too. He's told me that he wants to quit drinking. I can feel his disappointment the next day when he realises what he's done. He's serious about quitting but beer is like water to him now. He's been drinking for more than 15 yrs like that. Someone please help. He already knows I hate it. My older sister hates it. My mum hates it. My grandma hates it. My aunts hate it. My dad hates it too. He probably hates it the most. Please help. I want to be able to help him now that I'm in 7th, seeing as he should take me more seriously. I know it kills him knowing that he's drinking. Please, I'm begging with all that I am, please help.