I'm currently in a relationship of 5 years and my partner is a good person, but not good for me anymore, I guess. The older we get the more I see the differences, and I mean big ones, and I cannot picture us two together starting a family and spending the rest of our lives with each other. The thing is, we are together for such a long time I have a fear of the break-up solely because I cannot imagine how to be alone in life, by myself. Our relationship has become such a huge habit for me and is kinda my comfort-zone, which I'm afraid to step out of, no matter the fact I don't really want to be in it anymore. I have tried to break up a couple of times and found myself completely lost in my spare time - don't get me wrong, I have hobbies, I attend university, I have things to do in my life, but nevertheless, the times we broke up for a few weeks I felt like a little child whose parents were out of town and who wasn't able to do anything by itself. And the partner begged me to come back, so I eventually gave in. So...I am determined to finish this relationship. What I am asking is, how do I help myself become independent again, find myself (since I'm feeling like a huge part of my identity is made up from this relationship), how do I make a clean break up without going back (which is really hard since we live in the same city), has anyone here had experience with it and what would you suggest, how do I be happy by myself again?