I just adopted a 7 week old Russian Blue kitten. He wasn't in a shelter, he had previous owners and when we got him he had fleas and we immediately got rid of them. I don't think there was much trauma or anything like that before we got him, he was very relaxed and playful. After about a week I started noticing he would bite me and my husband. I took it to the internet and began changing his play time routine since I realized it was "playful aggression". He's a very hyper-active kitten but also has been sleeping all day. I try to get him to play but he doesn't and I think he rests so much that when he's finally up he plays hard and has too much energy, usually at night. Anyway, I learned that when kittens come up to bite your ankles or hands that you need to direct their attention to something else but that hasn't been working. I just don't understand why he continually randomly bites me. He has an abundance of toys I switch out for him every day and is treated well here. I just want to figure out what to do right now when he's young so I can stop this bad habit. I get so scared that he's going to bite me, he even does it when he's either super sleepy or playful. I get so scared I've been having to grab him by the neck(simulating what the mother does) and take him to the bathroom and leave him in there. He does it whether I'm playing with him, cuddling with him, or not even paying attention to him. He meows none stop too. I just want to give this kitten a great life while him still being trained and knowing his boundaries. Please help... something needs to change now before he gets older