Firstly, I want to say hi and thanks for reading this. I am from turkey and I am aiming to study the bachelor’s degree in Poland. I read some good stuff and some bad stuff about general life like anywhere in this world. But as you can understand, it is a really hard decision. I want to study engineering (Not fully decided which one it is going to be yet.). My first question is about the education quality. I want to come there because I want to take higher quality education and be able to live on my own. There are articles that say there are great universities with european education but I contacted some Turkish who studied or still study in Poland. And they are pretty divided about whether its good or bad. There is not a common thought. That is one of the reasons that I am here writing this and hoping that you will help me. Besides education, I want to ask about general life and the obstacles that I will or might face. As a non-Muslim Turkish boy, what should I expect? I am raised by a modern family in a modern western city. I lived in UK and Italy for a while. But I have no idea if it will be the same like those two. I am not that socialised anyways. My last question for now is about Polish. I will study in English but I know that I MUST learn Polish. It is not because I want it, It is because I feel like I am obligated to learn it to show respect to people and country. But when I am in the learning process, Would it be so hard to live my general life? I am again so grateful that you read this long series of questions and I am hoping that you will help me with this tough situation. With great love and respect from Turkey.