I went out to a concert with a friend of mine during the week. (He bought me the ticket as a belated birthday present) Afterwards he walked me back to my car (I asked him to because it was dark and what have you - it's scary being a young woman walking around alone at night) However, things got really weird... I am married to and trying for a baby with the man of my dreams whom I love and adore. He is in a defacto relationship. He is a long term friend whom I trust and can really talk to. So anyway, we get back to my car and we stand there for a while chatting and it just got really weird... He was looking me the way my husband looks me, with such love and adoration and he was talking really quietly and softly and it felt like he was.moments away from attempting to kiss me. It is not a new development... He has had feelings for me in the past but I've been with my man for longer then I've known this friend. My husband does not trust him... And after this night I'm not sure I do either... I really enjoy hanging out with him and gaming and what have you... But it just gets so awkward... How do I deal with this situation?! I honestly feel that if we were both single he'd be all over me... I don't want to loose this friendship because it's not every day you make friends who you can literally tell anything to... Please help!