I have three devices connected to a tp-link c 7 router using the 5ghz band. They all get 115M down and 12M up but one will slow down suddenly to 35M down 12 up. The issue happens on an lg-v20 that is fully updated to android 7. My Moto X Pure(android 6)and Nvidia Shield(android 7) keep the higher speed all day long. They are all on the same network and all wifi and ethernet connections use static, separate I.P addresses rather than DHCP. I've tried forgetting the network, I've changed wifi channels even though my network is not in a crowded area. I run speed tests using different apps and websites in Chrome. I'm starting to wonder if the lg-v20 phone has some lg specific wifi managing system that slows things down on purpose. Also there is no sim card installed in this lg-v20 or the Moto x. Any tips would be appreciated. I'm trying to avoid the factory reset option. Thank you