I lost my day/night cycle (circadian rhythm) over a decade ago, and don't need to worry about it as far as work goes since I'm heavily disabled, but still, it is quite hard to get anything done on the PC or such without it.
For me I cannot recall what day it is or if yesterday was today or anything. It has progressed and become worse. I've tried to re-train my mind by attempting to sleep at certain times and waking at others, but I have bad insomnia.

To give an example of how it works when insomnia isn't occurring, my body does the following thing. One day I might not be sleepy at all until 5am, then sleep until about 1pm. The next day I might fall asleep at 3pm (yes, literally 2 hours after awakening) and sleep until 9am. So when insomnia is not happening, I have this opposite problem where I sleep far too long, sometimes even days. Just as I go a typical three days without being able to sleep if experiencing insomnia (though it has lasted longer than a week before without sleep), when not experiencing insomnia, I can at times go two days sleeping, and not even recall getting up to use the bathroom.

So I guess it is also a question on how to deal with both insomnia and its' opposite. You can see how this leads to me being unable to reply to people when needed. I let everyone whom I meet online (I'm unable to leave the house) know I don't ignore them and explain this to them so they know why I may not reply for a day or three.

Anyway, I apologize for asking so much and writing so much. I normally write more than this, but still, I didn't want to use up so much of your time reading this. I'm sorry.

One last thing is that I often have nightmares. They are extremely vivid and do not fade from my memory. I could honestly write a book with extreme detail. The thing is that they have nothing to do with anything I've read about, seen, heard, etc. They are extremely strange and I even feel physical pain during them, which I thought was not possible before this began happening. Thank God, they have been less common recently. However, they are so real that I have to ask people I know if this or that happened for real because I truly don't know (like "Did Bobby die? Or was I dreaming that?" or "Did I go to the dentist yesterday? Did he tell me I had a severe, dangerous infection?"

I would appreciate even the tiniest bit of help on this!