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What's your motivation in life to keep you going?

I have this feeling sometimes that I just want to stop and die. I feel so tired and hopeless. I feel like I am lost and I am not happy with my job.

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I’m 5’3 135 lbs and 18 years old. I’m trying to lose 10 lbs within 2 weeks for an event.

Any advice? I’m not trying to look toned, just thinner. I want to be more confident in my body and fit into smaller sizes. I’m athletic ...

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What is the difference between a Ponzi Scheme and a Pyramid Scheme?

When I asked people that I know they say it's the same thing. However the internet says there is a difference and it is a complicated difference ...

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Under what circumstances, men are prone to chronic prostatitis?

After a sexual life, my husband said that his penis had a strong burning sensation, which led to his lack of interest in sexual life. Is there any ...

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Should I say something, or just let it go?

I told my best friend that I'd be bringing home Chinese Food after my concert & that I'd drop some off at her home. Her b/f told me ...

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Is it okay to be 4 feet 5 inches when going into High School?

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How to start a business?

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Is there any way to get out from pelvic inflammation and vaginitis?

I've been dealing with pelvic inflammation and vaginitis for a long time. My gynecologist said that abortion can easily cause cervical ...

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How long does it take to cure non-bacterial prostatitis while taking Flomax?

I recently doubled the dose to 8 mg daily

Posted 8 weeks ago | 2 answers | 1 star | Open

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