My best friend & I are planning a vacation to Britain, but it won't be until Sept/Oct/2020.
I can't get excited about something so far away, but my friend brings it up frequently.
I respect the fact that she has to save, but this isn't the issue, really. I do have some health issues which she's aware of, although they are not serious. Frankly, I can't get excited about something that's so far away., so I don't talk about it very much. In all honestly, I couldn't care less whether I go or not. It's such a long flight (over 7 hrs).Although she doesn't mean anything by it, she always says..."I want to do this, I want to do that"., with the emphasis on "I". What about what I'd like to do?
We're not teenagers, we're older women. Again, I'm in a place where if the trip didn't happen, it wouldn't upset me. This trip will be very costly, & I've told her about this already.
Should I stay quiet or say something???