So I just bought a goldfish like a week ago, i had previously bought a tank like 2 weeks before and filled it with tap water before I bought the fish because I wanted to get a good water cycle going. And its a 3.5 gallon I have this what I believe to be wooden heart home I bought from pets smart and a plastic plant, and he's a tiny little fishy I'm new to keeping a fish as a pet so I really have no clue as to what I'm doing... can someone please help me out as to how I keep the little guy alive for as long as possible? So I filled the tank with tap water I asked the lady at pet smart what I should use to purify the water I bought a water clarifier I put that in for two hours and then put my fish in the tank. I had also bought the sinking pellets rather than flakes because I was told that created digestive problems for the fish. So I went home and then my friend told me that I should of bought this Stress relief thing for my fish instead of the clarifier... I don't have any of those Ph testers because well I mean I'm new to taking care what do I know... so I looked at the filter and it was all nasty and yucky so I cleaned the tank out today and I removed around half of the water from the tank and then got a bowl filled it with tap water. I removed the fish from the tank because the clarifier I got said it needs a filter to work properly so I got the water I removed from the tank and put the fish in there in a different bowl and I put the clarifier in there and let it sit for an hour. So then I looked up if I should buy a new filter or how to clean it and it said to let the filter stay in there for about a week so the fish doesn't get shocked by the dramatic change in water, so I put him back into the bowl and the water is clear now and it looks fine but now he is by the filter and he just goes right by it until I get closer to the tank and then he sees me looking at him and he starts doing laps around his tank haha. I feed him twice daily at 2pm and then at 10pm I give him two pellets... is what I'm doing okay for him can someone help me out so I can keep him alive for as long as possible please