I can feel that I'm hungry but food is not appealing in the slightest. I dont even want to be around it. I am drinking plenty of fluids, mostly water and this detox mix I found of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice. Other than that, everything else just seems like too much. My friend offered me some ice cream the other day and I took a bite but immediately put the bowl down and couldn't eat any more. I've been smoking to... Sort of try to get my appetite up because it has worked in the past (with a lot less stress involved) but thats been futile and now its more to just... Feel something other than wanting to die. Dont tell me to call a suicide hotline or anything because I'm not going to hurt myself. I dont want to kill myself, I just.... Want to stop existing for a while. But I know thats not possible unless I let myself get hit by a car or something which I really would rather not happen. So until my appetite comes back or my stress sorts itself out, how can I give my body some basic nutrients it needs?Without taking pills (would cause nausea taken without a meal), without putting anything in my mouth that would need to be chewed, and not any type of smoothie or milkshake (the thought of something thick running down my throat right now makes me feel gross tbh).