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Geography - What state is the city of decay?

The 2018 movie blood brother was filmed in the mean streets in the city of decay. Just curious to know where that is.

Posted 1 week ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: city, state, decay, brother, movie, blood, geography, movies, 2018

Is it bad to have pop with fruit?

I have it a lot been but I've told that its bad for your kidneys and blood sugar

Posted 4 weeks ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: fruit, lots, blood, sugar, kidney, bad

An individual is legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% (w/v) of ethanol.

How many milligrams of ethanol are contained in 5.6 L of blood with this level? Enter your answer with the correct number of significant figures

Posted 4 weeks ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: number, alcohol, figure, blood, level, enter, numbers, answer, individual

Can someone tell me what high blood sugar feels like? I think I had a bad episode last night. Thanks

Yesterday started off normal except I was nauseous and had vertigo, but when I went to bed that night, my nausea heightened, I felt terrible, just... ...

Posted 6 weeks ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: night, high, felt, bed, blood, sugar, vertigo, feel, yesterday, bad, normal, nausea

What to do with blood in urine?

If there's blood in urine, what should one do about it? It is so terrifying but I heard diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can treat this and ...

Posted 11 weeks ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: treat, blood, anti, urine, pill

What to do if garage door emergency cord was pulled while in up position?

my garage door cord was pulled while it was still up. now i cant re engage the cord and the chain moves but the door doesnt. the chain doesnt catch ...

Posted 11 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: catch, door, garage, cord, chain, position, emergency, the doors

Will I get Entry Level Separated - Air Force?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I'm going for an AFSC that requires a flight physical which I failed for a low blood ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: air, flight, force, entry, blood, level, experience, air force, physical

When I urinate I get blood. Do you know what the cause would be?

I have an enlarged prostate and I have been taking ginger root with a little turmeric for two years and just started having this problem.Two years ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: little, root, ginger, year, blood, taking, problem, years

What is the blood on my pillow?

There is blood Under my head. 6" around. On my back of top, sheets. I had a CABG in 2 010. Diabetic. No blood on head or anywhere on self when ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: head, sheet, under, back, blood, pillow, self

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