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Why do people laugh when their friends/family are puking? Why is so funny?

I don't get it. Why would you laugh at your family/friends when they're puking? What makes it funny? I think it's crap.

Posted 3+ months 8 answers

Related support groups: family, people, laugh, funny, friend, crap, friends

Why do people laugh when someone is confused as in a prank?

I was just watching some prank videos on Youtube and was wondering why people laugh. Why is a person's confusion funny? I'm no different ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: people, laugh, funny, confused, different, confusion, youtube, pranks, psychology

I want to wright a funny wrap but I cant think?

i want it to be about something really funny like how gay bieber is or something, or about a crap wrestler or sumit, i need idead, not lyrics just ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: funny, gay, crap, wright, lyrics, wrap, bieber

Do you need a laugh?

Okay.. So.. It's been 6 years now.. And I thought I'd share my story.. It's quite funny. So what I was 13, I just learned what ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: laugh, funny, year, story, thought, years, mature

How to get a BOY to like you if you're in 5th grade???????????

i'm a 5th grade girl (10years old) and there's this boy who i like. he makes me laugh a lot and i make him laugh and can make him laugh at ...

Posted 3+ months 7 answers 1 star

Related support groups: girl, laugh, boy, lots, boys, girls, old, grade

How to be funny?

hey im 18 years old, how can i be funny with a girl and let her laugh and let her happy to talk with me and what subject to keep talking with her?

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

Related support groups: talking, happy, girl, laugh, funny, year, talk, girls, old, years, subject

Girls disirve better you know?

There's this boy in my 5th gradeclass I'm turning 11 on may 7th.his name is andy frey,he's,funny,cute,and he treats me like crap ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: girl, cute, boy, funny, treat, andy, crap, every, turning, boys, girls, time, name

What is the feeling like? laugh for long time, not being able to stop with tears streaming down? In my whole life I didn't laugh longer than 15 seconds (estimated) ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: life, laugh, feeling, down, wonder, always, tear, time

Why do I feel so down?

I feel like im bored sad I remember trying to watch funny utube vids to have a laugh I tried today and it didn"t I feel as sadness sorrow is ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: laugh, watch, funny, bored, down, sorrow, remember, feel, today, sad

I have this problem with laughing at the worst possible time?

I wonder if there’s any reason behind it or if there was a way I could stop. I laugh when I’m angry, sad, telling the truth, or if ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: laugh, laughing, behind, truth, angry, wonder, problem, sad, time

Why do people laugh at others getting hurt?

why do humans find it funny or comical when a person gets hurt? like falling on a cincrrte sidewalk or wiping out on a bike or a pool dive gone wrong.

Posted 3+ months 3 answers

Related support groups: bike, people, pool, laugh, human, sidewalk, funny, person, dive, hurt, falling, bikes, humans

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