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How do I get my dogs love?

I pet her all the time, I go for walks with her and my family, I give her treats and things she loves to eat. But, when I come back from somewhere ...

Posted 6 days ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: dog, family, pet, walk, treat, love, back, time, pets

Black dots on my legs?

I have these black dots on my legs (some are small some are bigg) mostly on the back side of the leg. And it's really ugly and annoying as i ...

Posted 3 weeks ago | 0 answers | 1 star | Open

Related topics: black, side, ugly, back, leg, dots

If I have a Mexican Pilot Diploma, I can work in USA as a Pilot with it?

I want to know because due to family problems I have to go back to Mexico so this means that I am going to continue my Education in Mexico

Posted 9 weeks ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: work, family, mexico, usa, back, education, mexican, pilot, problem, diploma

How to get your parents to trust you?

I lied to my parents about my phone and it's been 2 months and I wanna get my phone back but they still don't trust me so how should I try ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: phone, back, trust, parent, month, wanna, phones, parents

How come whenever I’m trying to delete photos off my phone, they erase and then they come back?

I’m having trouble understanding how my phone is acting so stupid right now. I have 20K photos on a 65GB iPhone 8. I’m trying to delete ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: phone, photo, back, right, acting, stupid, iphone, trouble, phones, iphones

Did an assignment on a .docx and the assignment is gone. Can I get it back somehow?

My teacher has .docx files that we, his students, can download. They're meant to be printed because he's strictly paper, but I used one to ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: paper, student, back, file, teacher, type, assignment, download

What do I do when someone does not talk to me about a situation? - I need help IMMEDIATELY?

recently i found out that my teacher have wanted me to go back in person.they didn't talk to me first.the reason of this request and the ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 2 answers | 1 star | Open

Related topics: first, person, found, back, wanted, talk, teacher

What’s the difference in inches between 1950’s size 8 and 2021 size 8?

Back in the 1950’s Marilyn Monroe was said to be a size 8. Clothing sizes are getting bigger but I don’t know how much bigger so I asked ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: 1950, back, clothing, size, monroe

Why does my husband ask me to hold him close to my chest when I cry?

Whenever I’m sobbing he always turns his back and snuggles against my chest.

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: close, back

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